Sales Training Course

Program Objective

           This course will provide a solid sales foundation for participants through current results driven sales strategies. New or seasoned sales professionals will stand to gain valuable insight from this course. Sales basics will be covered, as well as, advanced sales techniques.

Help your sales team continually meet and exceed sales targets, with expert in-house sales coaching Indian Real Institute."
"In this course, you will begin to think about conversion as a journey that the customer takes. You will also study how you can influence this journey with a creative digital strategy. You will be able to write and deliver a sales pitch, close sales and provide relevant after sale support.

You will then discuss tactics for achieving audience conversion before moving onto a lesson about the final step in the process. Finally, you will study microsites and how they can be instrumental in reaching the target niche audiences for your website or business."

Course Content-

  • 15 Powerful Delivery Techniques.
  • 15 Mass Persuasion Strategies.
    Know your audience –
  • Grow your sales pipeline
  • Design & Implement sales process
  • Training your sales reps
  • Developing Sales Leaders
  • Stronger Negotiation Skills
  • Develop Sales Champions
  • Sales effectiveness programs (Help teams understand psychology of buying)
  • Sales leadership program for manager effectiveness
  • Strategic Key Accounts Management

Course Content (cond)

  • Sales Coaching (Develop influencing & persuasion skills & mindset)
  • Consultative & Insight selling
  • To close effectively and grow a business relationship for the long term .
  • Understand the overall sales process
  • Increase Inquiry Conversions
  • The components of an offer.
  • Create an offer that no one can refuse.
  • Sales pitch development
  • Sales questioning
  • Selling with empathy
  • Sales metrics
  • How to deal with and overcome buyer’s reluctance

Course Content (cond)

  • Effective Negotiation skills for pricing challenges
  • High Impact Presentation with storytelling
  • Sales Overview
  • Configuring Sales
  • Managing Customers
  • Working With Opportunities
  • Embedded Intelligence
  • Playbooks
  • Integrated Sales Tools
  • Order Processing and Managing Product Catalogues
  • Create and Manage Quotes
  • Create and Manage Orders and Invoices
  • Sales Analytics and Insights

Course Objective

This course will enable sales managers, professionals, telesales workers and customer support staff to make the most of the features within employ effective sales strategies. To increase sales you need to learn and work on every aspect, get on your way to success and smashing sales targets through customer engagement. Retention: You will learn why retention is so important in a sales strategy and the digital tactics that contribute to retaining customers.

Who will benefit from this course?

"Individuals- who sell their products and services. Entrepreneur who conducts Webinar presentations. Sales reps, Sales coaches, Sales managers, and Company executives looking to Esharpen their sales skills and increase their figures. Those considering sales as a career in future and want to learn more about the profession"

Course Fees-

₹35,000/- per student

Course Overview-

  • Training Type: Professional Course
  • Delivery: E- Learning/Online Learning
  • Course Duration: 15-20 sessions of 1 hour each (Timings can be decided as per the trainee and trainer’s work schedule)

Why Behavioural Training is Important

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Our Mission-

To improve the sales performance of companies and individuals based on our research how top performers sell. Whether it’s our sales training, coaching, and reinforcement programs or our sales consulting expertise, we offer a complete package of sales performance solutions. New or seasoned sales professionals will stand to gain valuable insight from this training program. Sales basics will be covered, as well as, advanced sales techniques.

Our staff – from trainers to instructional designers to client support – are experienced, high-performing professionals who can deliver the answers you need to turn your team into top performers.

What will you achieve?

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