Leadership Training Course

Program Objective

Our flagship Leardrship training has been adapting to address the challenges facing today's leaders ever since. This course provides unique military-based and business-proven leadership training experiences for employees of all levels, in all types of organizations.
In this course – we’ll explore the theory and practice of international and intercultural leadership and organizational behavior.

Course Content-

Course Objective

To help new and aspiring leaders unleash the potential in themselves and others, and cultivate high-performing teams. Become a more versatile leader who can mobilize others by immersing yourself in real-world leadership challenges, self-assessments, and 360-degree feedback from colleagues and peers.

Who will benefit from this course?

From board teams to new managers, this course will help you develop essential leadership skills that you can start implementing right away.

Course Fees-

₹25,000/- per student

Course Overview-

  • Training Type: Professional Course
  • Delivery: E- Learning/Online Learning
  • Course Duration:  10-15 sessions of 1 hour each (Timings can be decided as per the trainee and trainer’s work schedule)


  • Top-Class faculty
  • Edge-of-your-seat online learning
  • Global peer collaboration and networking
  • Real-world, case-based learning

Here are some of the benefits of our online training courses :

What will you achieve?

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