Forex/Currency Market Trading Course

Program Objective

When it comes to dealing with Currency/ Forex Market, it can get really tough. Currency Markets being highly influenced by Global Factors & Economies, Trading Profitably can be complex. We are offering the most immaculately designed Currency Course that emphasizes on Simple & Profit Making Strategies. These strategies are the key to understand the classification between Commodity & Currency Markets.
We are owing to our special modules related to Hedging and Speculations. It is aptly supported by the discussions and case studies on regulatory framework that govern the Currency Markets. Once you pick pace with the management of Micro and Macro factors, we conduct live day trading classes where you can analyse the market and vouch for new trading opportunities.

Course Content-

Factors Affecting Forex Prices:

Mostly economic factors affect forex prices in international markets. However, it also depend on which type of currency float you dealing.
Few government control their currency prices and fix them. Few government apply managed float, so they control volatility of their domestic currency. India manages INR volatility, it’s managed against dollar.

9 Factors Affecting Forex Market Trading-
The Political Landscape, Inflation Rate, Interest Rate, Government Debt., Terms Of Trade (Export Prices To Import Prices Ratio), Speculation, The Capital Market, Employment Data & Economic Planning.”

Course Objective-

Our courses teach you to be able to trade the currencies in return of others by using the available data on choosing currencies and countries you would get the true value for. You will learn how to analyze the market and choose the right currency pair with online workshops and tutorials .
You can learn to use the economy forecast to gain the right trading currency. Our educators helps you implement the strategies you make while performing a practical test. So, enroll now for our detailed Forex Trading Course so that you can learn how to minimize losses and get dramatic results.

Who will benefit from this course?

Students pursuing or completed 10 th , 12 th , graduation or higher studies, Housewives, Working Professionals, Aspiring/Existing Traders, Aspiring/Existing Investors, Job seekers, Entrepreneurs, Anybody having interest in the Currency Markets.

Eligibility Criteria-

A very basic understanding of how the Financial Markets Function.

Course Duration-

5-7 sessions of 1.5 hours each (Timings can be decided as per the trainee and trainer’s work schedule)

Course Fees-

₹15,000/- per student

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